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02 days Cycling in Ngoc Son Ngo Luong nature reserve

Sandwiched between magical limestone forest of Cuc Phuong and magnificent scenic beauty of Phu Luong. Nature conservation areas Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong boasts stunningly primitive scenery and longstanding culture of Muong  tribe. Visiting Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong, you will feel the rustic beauty of the majestic scenery, experience the simple life, but no less interesting with the indigenous people. With the goal of developing sustainable tourism, we offer the opportunity to help you to enjoy a peaceful life with wild nature in hygienic conditions and the best service. Guest is an important part of helping us preserve the cultural values, natural here, helping people improve their lives even more needy. Live with the people, experience a completely different life, a deeper understanding of the local culture and the richness of their daily work. Cycling along scenic trail to observe spectacular natural views. Go through the crystal clear springs, enjoy the  beauty of the  water falls Mo and Mu. Having the opportunity to observe your plants: Plants gnashing, ebony and many orchids in particular, the animals you like fiddling with the birds …Biking along the sanctuary to see nature, forests and picturesque villages (solf adventure tours or hard ones). Rowing a raft  along the Buoi river to listen  the sound diversity of birds, observing the work of local fishermen. Participate in activities with indigenous peoples such as the rice was harvested, weaving, cooking lessons
Day 1: Hanoi – Ngoc Son – Chieng – Sat – Mu – Mon village
At around 7:00 we will start our journey by car from Hanoi to Ngoc Son Nature Reserve. Arriving in Ngoc Son Natural Reserve, we’ll have a short break and prepare for cycling tour. The first challenge but reward is Ngoc Son slope with 400 meter high to reach the wonderful landscape and cool atmosphere at Mu Waterfall.
After lunch, we continue cycling to Khuong Hamlet . Then we will have free ride around this hamlet, on its slopes and shores of terraced fields to explore the daily life of the locals. Dinner will be served with traditional specialties at a local house-on-stilt where you will rest and overnight. Music show with ancient dance and rhythm of Muong people to help us learn about their spiritual culture is available upon your request.
Day 2: Mon Village – Coi Cao – Khuong – Mu – Sat – Ri – Thach Lam – Hanoi.
Getting up early and spending time walking in fresh air of this Nature Reserve, we will then taste your breakfast with locals at the stilt house or at simple bungalows next to the stream before cycling to Coi Cao Hamlet that is deeply located in the core area of Ngoc Son Nature Reserve. On cycling way, we will pass through the most remote houses, observe hard-working women with their looms and catch bright and innocent smiles of children.
After that we’ll leave our bike and start a 2-hour-stream-hiking trip on a hidden trail along the streams inside the primeval jungle and enjoy totally different experiences.


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